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Natural Economy Ruby gemstone (Sudan) of Original Quality.Ruby (Manik in Hindi) is a red colored precious gemstone, also known as the ‘King of Gems’, with great astrological significance.The standard ruby stone contains a large number of inclusions that can be seen from bare eyes. And the price of standard ruby will be Rs 500 per carat.
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Who should wear RUBY (MANIK)?

Ruby is the birthstone for Leo sun sign. In Indian astrology, Ruby stone strengthens Sun (Surya) and is the rashi ratna for Leo (Simha). Ruby gemstone (also known as ‘Manikya’ in Hindi) bestows wealth, status, respect, dignity and the powers of the Sun God upon its wearer. Ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio can also wear a Ruby stone.

General Characteristics of Ruby (Manik)
Hindi Name Manik
Planet Sun
Day Sunday
Cosmic Color Orange Red
Rashi(Sign) Leo(Simha)
Ring Wearing Finger Ring
Metal Copper, Gold
Direction East
Astrologically GemStone Shape Oval, Rectangular, Square


Which RUBY (MANIK) Stone Should I Buy?

The ideal weight of your Ruby gem (Manik) is at least 1/12th in carats of your body weight. The stone should preferably have high clarity, pinkish to dark red color and no chemical or heat treatments.
For Astrological purpose, Old Burma Ruby stones (from Myanmar) are considered the best.

RUBY (MANIK) Benefits:

  • Professional and Academic Success– Ruled by the powerful Sun, ruby stone benefits people working in professions or positions where authority is commanded e.g. administrative services, politics, diplomacy and other leadership roles. It is also advised to be worn by students preparing for state or central services examinations.
  • Improved Financial and Social Status– One of the many acclaimed astrological benefits of wearing ruby is the improved social status of native’s life. Astrologers believe that Manik stone benefits the wearer by not only elevating his financial condition but in maintaining his imperial and luxurious lifestyle as well.
  • Rejuvenated Health– Sun is regarded as the karaka of bones, eyes and heart. Restored vitality, improved blood circulation & eyesight are some of the health benefits of Manikya gemstone. In addition, ruby gemstone is also beneficial for people struggling with self-esteem issues. Ruby positively affects self-confidence by reorienting emotional intelligence of the wearer.
  • Better Paternal Relationships– Since Sun is acknowledged as the father figure in vedic astrology, it is known to bear some influence on paternal relationships. It is believed that Manik ratan is also beneficial for the native’s father and thus can be worn to improve his weakened circumstances as well.


The quality of Ruby depends upon its Cut, Color and Clarity
Astrologically, the quality of ruby stone depends mainly on clarity and only little on color.
The cut of a Ruby does not affect its astrological value and only has ornamental significance.
Do note that all natural rubies will have inclusions. Rubies with inclusions not visible to the naked eye will typically cost more than Rs 1,50,000/ct+.

Where Should I Buy Natural RUBY (MANIK)?

Be careful! Many dealers sell treated or synthetic Manik ratna while others pass off low quality Ruby stones as Old Burmese Rubies. Therefore, when you buy Ruby gemstone Online, ensure that you get a Lab Certificate of its authenticity from a Reputed Lab and that the dealer is ready to get the gemstone certified from any reputed lab of your choice.

Which is The Best Substitute For RUBY (MANIK)?

Red Garnet and Red Onyx are the substitutes of Ruby. Tiger Eye is also considered to be another popular substitute for Ruby gemstone. However, substitutes are astrologically less effective than the primary stone. Rhodolite, Red Spinal, Rubilite etc. are also used as Ruby gemstone substitutes.

In which finger RUBY (MANIK) should be worn according to astrology? 

According to astrology generally ruby – manik gemstone should be worn in ring finger of right hand.

What day and time RUBY (MANIK) gemstone should be worn ?

for good astrological effects, one should wear ruby – manik on Sunday morning between 5 am to 7 am. in shukla puksha days.

In which mettle one should wear RUBY (MANIK) gemstone or panna gemstone ?

For best results ruby – manik gemstone should be worn in gold or copper ring . As gold and copper both mettles represent planet Sun.

Is it must to activate the RUBY (MANIK) gemstone before wearing ?

Without activating the ruby (manik) gemstone with right astrological process may give bad effects. So it is must to activate the ruby (manik) gemstone with Surya Deva’s Mantras before wearing.

Procedure For Wearing RUBY (MANIK)?

  • So, after receiving the ring, you should consult an astrologer to seek his advice before adopting this stone.
  • The perfect day to wear this stone is Sunday morning. So, you must wear this stone during that time period.
  • If it is possible you should wear red color clothes on this day to please the lord Sun.
  • The ring should be immersed in Gangajal or unboiled milk overnight before wearing this to wash away all the impurities stuck to the stone.
  • Besides this, ruby stone should be fixed on the ring in such a manner so that it may touch the skin of its user.
  • Before wearing this stone one should pray the lord Sun to keep a positive perspective toward them. To please sun, one should chant the following mantra for 108 times.
  • ‘Aum Hring Hamsah Suryaye Namah Aum’ 108 times.
  • And reciting this mantra one should wear ruby stone.

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Know More About Ruby

Ruby Astrological Significance:

Ruby (Manik) is the gemstone of planet Sun (Surya), the strongest planet in the solar system. The Sun rules our physical health and vitality and determines our self of ego and self-projection in the world. A strong Sun makes a person very energetic and the center of attention.
Sun Source of life With rising of the Sun God the source of life, the entire world and all the creatures on earth return to life. They are engaged in their work during day hours and at sunset, all the living creatures throw themselves in the lap of slumber, after day long toil. It indicates that it is the sun, with whose rise in the morning all the activities on earth get activated whereas everything gets halted at the sunset. King of all the planets-significance/grahas the Sun, in Vedic astrology, is called Ravi. The sun rules the sign of Leo. The sun occupies the most prominent place in the Zodiac. All the planets, stars and signs rotate around the Sun. The Sun is known as Atmakarak Ravi . This comes from the Sanskrit word Atma meaning soul and karak meaning indicator . Therefore as indicator of the soul , the sun is life.

General Characteristics of Sun:

Time, Soul, Father, Ego, Ruler, Government, Intelligence, Vitality, Profession, Honor, Fame, Glory, Heart, Copper, Orange colour, Ruby, East.

Ruby is a color stone also referred as colored gemstone. It belongs to corundum group of gemstones. Corundum is chemically aluminum oxide. It is found naturally in the nature. Aluminum oxide, when added with coloring agent(s) gets red color and becomes corundum. Coloring agent is also a metallic oxide found and added naturally. Corundum is the second hardest stone found in the nature. Only diamond is harder than corundum.

Ruby originating countries:

Burma (Myanmar), Ceylon, Thailand (Siam), Cambodia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Madagascar, Kenya and India are major sources of ruby. However, Burmese rubies are considered as the best. Origin or mine of ruby plays a major role in determining its valuation. It is therefore, advised to know about origin before buying a ruby.

4 C’s of Ruby:

There are various types of cuts in ruby gemstone. These are cut, cabochons, beads, drops etc. Cut stones are the costliest followed by cabochons and beads. Cut stones are faceted but cabochons are plain. Beads and drops are manufactured both in faceted and plain quality. There are various shapes in both cut and cabochons such as Oval, Octagon, Pear, Heart, Marquise, Square and Round.


Clean ruby is rare of the rarest. Gemstone ruby often has many inclusions. Black spot, yellow and brown spots, cracks, milky, are main inclusions of ruby. More inclusions means lesser clarity (purity). Clean is rare and fetches highest price. Ruby with better purity has more price and with lesser purity has lower price.

Color shades:

Color of ruby varies between light pink to deep pigeon blood red. Sometimes it has blue, yellow or black tints. A ruby is generally referred as Pink sapphire if the color is pink. Light color fetches lesser price than deeper color. However, over color rubies fetch lower price. Generally bright red is the costliest. Blue, yellow and black tints present in ruby lower the price of a ruby gemstone. Burmese ruby has the most pleasant bright pink to red color. Ceylon ruby is normally of pink color and Thai ruby has black tints. Bright color and transparency of Burmese ruby fetches maximum price. Hence, you can stress on Burmese origin while buying a ruby.

Carat weight:

Bigger the size more the price. It is true for good quality rubies. Fine quality rubies of bigger sizes are rare. Generally fine quality Burmese rubies above 3- 4 carats are rare. Sizes between two to four carats for a fine quality Burmese ruby is considered as very good.

How to Distinguish Between Fake and Genuine Rubies:Here are the most common differences between real and fake rubies that can help you to identify imitations

Hardness: Substitutes such as tourmaline, garnet, or glass are softer than real ruby. This means that fake rubies made of these materials will scratch more easily.

Weight: Most fake rubies are less dense than real ones. This can be established easily if a fake ruby is weighed and its weight is compared with that of a real ruby of similar size – the fake one will often weigh less.

Price: How much a stone sold as ruby costs is an indication as to how likely it is to be real. Ruby is a pretty expensive gemstone, so if someone sells it to you at a suspiciously low “bargain” price, it is likely that it might be fake.However, sometimes a ruby may be cheap simply because it was created synthetically, but in such a case, the stone should not cost a small fraction of the price of a similar real ruby.

Ruby Treatments:

In recent years, synthetic rubies have become very available on the market. They go by labels such as “created, “lab,” “synthetic,” “Chatham” (a large producer of Synthetic rubies). They are “real” rubies in the sense that they are the same mineral, the difference is they were made in a laboratory instead of in the earth.Synthetic rubies are usually much clearer than natural rubies: fewer inclusions. Synthetic rubies are cheaper than natural rubies, all other factors being equal.

Beware of fake Sellers Selling Synthetic Gemstones . Purchase Trusted Certified and Original Product from top Gemstone Sellers in India at


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