• Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj) African – Premium
    •  1,500
      Natural Premium Yellow Sapphire gemstone of Original Quality.Yellow coloured precious gemstone.The fine grade yellow sapphire stone is polished and contains few numbers of inclusions and treatment in comparison to standard yellow sapphire. The color and shape of the stone look impressive and it is difficult to spot any inclusions with bare eyes. By virtue of its improvisation in quality the price of stone increases proportionally the price per carat of fine grade yellow sapphire lies between 1500 to 2000 rs. per carat.
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    • Yellow Sapphire(Pukhraj) Bangkok – Economy
    •  800
      Natural Economy Yellow Sapphire gemstone of Original Quality.The economy yellow sapphire stone is light yellow in color. The stone possesses large number of inclusions that can be visible to individual even bare eyes. However, the price of standard yellow sapphire stone is quite manageable and one can handsomely afford it. The price of per carat standard yellow sapphire falls between 800 Rs to 1000 Rs.
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    • Emerald (Panna)-Premium Plus Columbia
    •  10,500
      Emerald (Panna) is a green-colored precious gemstone. Columbia is regarded being the top producers of fine emerald stone. There are more than 160 mines of emerald stone, from where best quality emerald stone is mined or exploited. The emerald from Colombia is famous for its perfect color ,characteristics and furthermore it does not display any kind of bluish tint. Therefore, Columbia is known to be the birthplace of fine quality emerald stone.
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    • Blue Sapphire(Neelam)-Luxury Sri Lanka Ceylonese
    •  32,000
      Natural Blue Sapphire gemstone of Luxury Quality from Sri Lanka.Considered to be one of the most powerful stones of all it is blue in colour and a precious gemstone.The price of blue sapphire stone determined by various important characteristics such as no of inclusion in the stones and cut of the stone.This is one of the rarest,purest and transparent quality of blue sapphire. The price of this stone is the most ,starting 32000 per carat.
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